The Developing DM is 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons; audio/video liveplay, and vlog. Myself with friends and family; playing and learning Dungeons & Dragons across generations.

My name is Phillip Metzger.  A 35 year old IT professional with a wife and 2 kids.  In my mid-twenties I played 3.5/4e D&D with friends from work (Movie Gallery/Game Zone & the Geek Squad).  I played for 3 glorious years; always suffering from an incurable desire to Dungeon Master, I did so for about half those years.  Finally, relocation and focus on career & family separated me from from my adventures.

In December 2016, I (re)discovered several things in rapid succession.  Beginning with: Acquisitions Incorporated, Critical Role, Matthew Mercer, and Matthew Colville.  Having fallen head over heals in love with 5th edition D&D, I started playing in January 2017.  By February, my kids had caught the bug and I started this website.

Please join us as we play, and learn, 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.