Am I Crazy? – Coming Soon!

I don’t think so. Not that I’ve been tested or anything. This seems like a solid idea to me. There are a few different ways to take this question, so let’s break it down.

Who Cares?

I do. When I fell back in love with Dungeons & Dragons, my kids came down with me. Sharing this with them is a pleasure and a privilege. Unfortunately, there is an acute lack of D&D content for kids. We have a cornucopia of content planned to correct this.

Do you know what you’re doing?

Nope! I have no experience in audio/video production. What I do possess is the technological self-confidence of your typical millennial caster (and some adjunct professional skills). As a long-time lover of podcasts and vlogs, I finally have something I want to share. The only thing left is to fully embrace it.

So smart guy, what are you making?

This website! Sorry if it’s a little rough. Getting it up was more important than getting it perfect. If anyone is interested in what we’re doing, we plan to pay a professional later to make it good.

Thanks Captain Obvious, what about shows?

In no particular order:


  • The TableTots: Hero’s League – Adventure’s League legal, liveplay, 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast… with kids! Starting with The Lost Mine’s of Phandelver.
  • TheTableTots: Tiny Tales – Short form, liveplay, homebrew Dungeons & Dragons. As a big fan of podcasts like 99% Invisible and Radiolab we plan to try something different.
  • The Common Millennial Caster – A podcast about making podcasts! And vlogs! And websites! And New Media companies… maybe!

YouTube Videos

  • The Developing DM – My vlog. Campaign dairies. The What I Learned, Weekly Tomb.
  • Running the Game… With Kids! – YouTube series about running D&D with kids.
  • Kids Teach Kids D&D – Combat, character stats, classes, races, and more!
  • My 1st Monster Manual – Kids teach kids about monster lore.

Now I’m (you’re) excited! When are you releasing this stuff!

The Common Millennial Caster will go up next week.

The TableTots & YouTube Series will launch before the end of the month.

Where can I follow you?

Glad you asked! My favorite social media platform at the moment is Twitter. I am @thedevelopingdm. You can also find me by that name on YouTube & Facebook. Please subscribe! I would like to launch properly in two months; a custom YouTube URL would be epic!

Why is the post so short?

I refuse to believe that I need a specific number of words in a blog post. As this is my first ever, so I am keeping it short and sweet. Today’s order of business is to brain dump some blog posts from thoughts, notes, and my own Reddit posts (foreveranewbie). Attempting to head off questions by being open and honest about myself and my plans.

Thanks for reading! Really looking forward to meeting, and rolling dice, with tons of great people!

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